What You Get The Perfect Blend The
The Tax
Your business accounts and tax return
Doing what you expect an accountant to do, but also committing to get your accounts filed within 3 months of the year end and meet to discuss future possibilities and not to finalise the figures!
Our TaxAbility checklist and pre-year end meeting
One of the biggest outgoings you will have in your business life is your tax bill. Each year we will complete a detailed and comprehensive tax planning checklist BEFORE your accounting year end and use this to identify areas in which we can help you further.
Our Bench Marking One Page Profit Improvement report
We will benchmark your business against other businesses in your sector and produce a one page report which indicates how your business is currently performing.
A comprehensive diagnostic review of your affairs
Every year we will carry out a diagnostic review of your business and personal affairs to identify additional strategies that could add a significant amount of money to your business and/or personal bank accounts. We will present our findings and recommendations in a Key Improvement Possibilities report, so you will be able to refer back to, and take action on, our key advice whenever the time is right for you.
A report of the quality of your accounting records
We want to help you get the most out of your accounting systems. So we will prepare a report setting out any weaknesses, the consequences and our suggestions on how to improve them.
A simple Profit Review showing what your profits could be
A simple one page report giving an indication of what might be possible in your business. As a result of doing this you can clearly see what profit you could achieve in your business.
A Business and Personal Tax Diagnostic Review
We will carry out a detailed diagnostic review of both your business and personal affairs halfway through your accounting year to ensure you are aware of any opportunities to minimise your tax liabilities. Action taken here will allow us to proactively plan for your wealth creation strategies utilising your retained after tax profits.
Director/Employee Incentives, PAYE and VAT Diagnostic Review
We will carry out a detailed diagnostic review of the ways which you are remunerating and rewarding you and your team members halfway through your accounting year. We will also carry out a diagnostic review of your PAYE and VAT positions. Actions taken here will allow us to help motivate your team in a tax efficient way, as well as minimise the risk of penalties and interest from any subsequent visit from HMRC.
A Business Structure and Exit Planning Diagnostic Review
We will carry out a detailed diagnostic review of your business structure and the eventual exit of any directors or shareholders halfway through your accounting year. Action taken here will allow us to minimise any tax liability in both areas.
Unlimited company car tax calculations and reminders
We will carry out a planning exercise each time you consider buying a new vehicle to ensure you are aware of the most appropriate method of finance and the minimisation of tax liabilities.
Detailed tax efficient remuneration calculations
We will review your company profits and advise you on the most tax efficient way of extracting money from the business through a combination of directors’ loan account interest, dividend or salary payments.
Full fee protection against the cost of an HMRC enquiry
Insurance against the cost of investigation giving you peace of mind. You will be covered by our scheme - in the event of a full enquiry we will be able to deal with this for you promptly and our fees will be met by the insurance company.
Detailed benchmarking report against 19 industry KPIs
We will carry out a detailed benchmarking review to measure the performance of your business against other businesses within your sector. Our summary report will highlight those areas where improvements can be made to your profitability and cash flow position. We will have a short meeting to discuss the areas in which you could make improvements which may have a significant effect on your profits.
Profit improvement support and planning
We will have a 2 hour meeting with you to discuss how we can best help you to capitalise on the potential within your business and to create an action plan that you can use to take your business forward.
Xero accounting software
We will include Xero accounting software as part of your fees. Since this is our chosen provider, we can give you the maximum support to use this effectively to grow your business.
The 12 month Making It Happen programme      
100% money back guarantee
Is that all of our services are covered by an unconditional guarantee, in that “If you are not absolutely delighted with the service you have received, you can pay whatever you feel is more appropriate, even if it’s nothing”.


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