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We work with you to save time, reduce stress, and save money. Our services help to ensure that your business remains robust and works just as well without you, allowing you more time to spend in guilt-free enjoyment.

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Does your business run you?

Nearly half of the UK’s entrepreneurs work between 50 and 60 hours each week. But at what cost?

Many business owners end up missing out on celebrations and events with friends and family but, even more importantly, many miss out on the important daily enjoyment of spending time with and caring for their loved ones.

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How overworking can harm you and your business

Overworking in your business can cause poor decisions to be made, burnout, low productivity and mental and physical health problems.

It’s one big reason why businesses go under, as well as having a massively negative effect on family and personal life.

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Blend has been instrumental in helping many businesses owners achieve their dreams.

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Phil Tarbun and Richard Parker have partnered up to share their expertise with you in their book The Perfect Blend for a Successful Business Get the book …

Blend have shared their expertise with you in their book The Perfect Blend for a Successful Business sign up here for your free copy.

Their acclaimed 150 plus page publication contains amazing strategies for any business to implement in sales and watch their profitability grow and their cashflow improve. The easy-to-read book helps readers with strategic focus and a range of practical actions alongside real examples of how this can be put into practice successfully and the risks of getting it wrong.

Efficient and effective processes are a key feature of the book and how to set up, map and analyse these.

“You’ll love the real-life stories and the oh-so-simple insights. And better yet, you’ll see the profits flowing back into your business in a heartbeat. It really is that simple and that quick!”
Paul Dunn, author of The Firm of the Future


“A definitive book on business that uses devastatingly simple language and examples to get across profoundly powerful ideas that will transform your results.”
David Thomas, Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author

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